Tips for Replacing Those Old Drafty Windows

Most of the year it is easy to let days and weeks go by with little thought to how effectively are home windows are functioning, however, those nasty Texas cold snaps can wake us up real quickly.

Throw in a strong wind and no matter how long our heaters are running and we keep fires burning those cold drafts keep sneaking in around those old windows we have been ignoring the rest of the year. Chilled to the bone, our utility bills skyrocket and we aren’t really that much more comfortable for the effort.

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So what is a home owner to do to help reduce cold, winter drafts and save money this winter and for future years? Here are a few pointers to help out, until you are able to replace your home’s window for more up-to-date options.

1) Add or replace the weather stripping around your windows. That additional seal will prevent the cold creeping through.

2) Check and fill in or replace the caulking between the window and the frame itself.

3) Utilize thicker curtains to hold back leaking air. Specialty draft protection types of drapes are available on the market and can be used seasonally, if you find they are too heavy for the lighter, warmer spring and summer months.

4) Invest in window shades to help hold back window drafts similar to curtains, but providing a different look and feel that might better match your homes decor.

Now these tips are very useful in your current situation battling cold, winter drafts through your home’s windows, they are a quick fix at best and do reduce the amount of cold air coming into your home. These tips will not ultimately provide the most efficient and comfortable solutions available to you for the long-term.

Your best bet is to create a long-term plan and budget for the replacement of your home’s old, outdated, drafty windows. Daunting task? The first thing to do is to educate yourself on the available window replacement options on the market today.

Contact Martel Windows & Doors for a free in-home consultation, or stop by our show room. We are happy to review with you all the new, beautiful designs on the market today.

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