Sun Windows and Doors are carefully crafted in Owensboro, Kentucky to provide high-quality, performance and value. Sun has been building windows since the 1930’s and is a member of the elite WDMA Hallmark Certification Program which helps insure that their products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Sun specializes in clad wood window and door products that are built to order, following the specific requirements of Home Owners, Builders, Designers and Architects. Sun’s extensive product line offers a wide range of product types, styles, features and options to meet these demands. Sun supports all its products with outstanding service and a dependable warranty.

Sun is structured to streamline the process of meeting the needs of the customer by maximizing the advantages and flexibility of custom manufacturing. As demands of the market change and as new advances in product design, materials and performance are made, Sun Windows can easily adapt to these changes, make product improvements, and meet these needs.  Sun window and door products are built to order. These orders are processed and completed in a timely fashion. This allows the customer to choose the products they want, in the design configuration they want, with the options they desire, all at a very reasonable price.

Sun products are designed to maximize energy-efficiency through the combination of frame and sash materials and the use of high-performance insulated glass systems. The frame and sash materials are designed to combat the harsh effects of the weather so that Sun windows and doors will provide protection and energy-efficiency year after year. The insulated glass systems use the latest advances in energy performance technology. This includes new generation Low-E glass, Argon gas filled air spaces, and Duralite™, the most advanced warm-edge insulated glass spacer system available. Sun also now offers Cardinal i89 glass coating for the ultimate in UV protection for your home.

Sun Windows, Inc. is an ENERGY STAR® Partner. This partnership gives Sun customers the assurance that they provide energy efficient products.  Additionally, all products are also designed to prevent air infiltration around the opening sashes and panels when they are closed. This helps prevent energy loss and makes the home more comfortable.  All SunClad products are also designed with a Fail-Safe Water Management System. The exterior perimeter of the glass is sealed against water intrusion. However, because aluminum, glass and wood all expand and contract at different rates, they design their Fail-Safe Water Management System to provide an effective drain path (to the exterior) for water to exit the glazing channel and sash structure. This helps protect the insulated glass against seal failure and the wood interior of the window against deterioration.

Sun believes that the customer should get more product for their money. Instead of investing in large promotions and advertising campaigns, Sun focuses on putting those dollars directly into the product in the form of higher quality materials, new product designs, incorporating new technologies, and continual refinement of assembly methods and processes. When you buy a Sun product, you are paying for more product, a better product, not a lot of advertising that makes you familiar with our name.

Sun products are top quality in the industry, competing with the major industry brands. Sun Windows is confident of providing the best windows, doors and service under the Sun.

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