Martel Windows & Doors Proudly Offers Durable Masonite Door Products

Homeowners seeking new doors that offer superior construction and durability may want to consider Masonite products available at Austin, Texas-based Martel Windows & Doors. Martel is conveniently located at 10300 Metric Boulevard, Suite 250 in north Austin, Texas (78758) near The Domain.

Martel is proud to offer high-quality products from manufacturers such as Masonite, a 92-year-old company based in Tampa, Florida that embraces the spirit of founder William H. Mason. Mason is regarded as a trailblazer after changing the way wood was used to formulate more effective building materials.

“Homeowners, remodelers, architects, and builders rely on Masonite for a comprehensive line of beautiful entry door systems that will add value to the residence,” said Sean Miller, owner of Martel Doors and Windows. “Whether you’re looking for a glass door, steel door, or fiberglass door, Masonite has products available in a range of panel designs and configurations that will enhance any architectural style or design need.”

Masonite also designs full-view interior doors that are extremely functional and regarded as the top choice among builders.

“If your interior design needs call for a glass door, a French door, or a closet door, Masonite has a variety of models that combine innovation with customer-focused functionality,” said Miller.

Masonite is constantly expanding their offerings in order to meet any design budget. “This is a company whose products leave a lasting impression of perfect unity and artful balance that benefit the look and feel of your home,” Miller said.

The company is also committed to meeting the highest standards for energy and efficiency, ensuring that its doors can meet the government’s Energy Star requirements in each region of the nation.

“Homeowners will benefit from Masonite’s energy efficient products without sacrificing features, style or comfort,” Miller noted.

Martel Doors and Windows L.L.C. is an Austin, Texas-based family-owned business that sells, installs, and services high-quality and energy efficient clad wood and vinyl window and door products. The company, which Miller started in 2010, was cited by the June/July 2015 issue of Door & Window Market Magazine as one of the three fastest growing door and window companies in the nation.

For more information, please contact Miller via email at or call him at (512) 719-3270.


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