Martel Windows and Doors Offers Tips To Help Keep Your Home Cooler in Summer

Summer in central Texas is upon us, and its unyielding heat will seep into your home. Because the season of sear is upon us, Martell Windows and Doors is pleased to offer you several helpful, even critical tips about how to keep your home cooler and your family much more comfortable.

First, if the temperatures cool down to the mid-70’s or lower at night, consider giving your air conditioner a break and try sleeping with the windows open. Many people are surprised at how quickly the heat gives way to cooler, more refreshing air. You may also want to use fans to circulate the cool air throughout the residence while slightly cracking open your windows. The fans will suck in the cooler air from the outdoors.

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Second, keep your blinds closed during the day. About 30% of unwanted heat enters your home through the windows (via the greenhouse effect) but cannot escape. When your blinds are closed (particularly in windows facing south and west), this could lower the afternoon temperature by as much as 20 degrees, and will have a positive effect on your cooling costs. Some homeowners get light-colored blinds to reflect rather than absorb the sun’s heat, opening them at night when it’s cooler. Still others place cardboard in the windows to block the heat from entering.

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Another effective way to beat the heat is to use appliances at night. For example, laundry machines throw off a tremendous of heat, particularly driers that use heated air radiating from the machine. Your dishwasher also puts out a great deal of heat. Consider doing these chores in the evening – and not during the hottest part of the day – in order to minimize the heating effect on your home.

Hopefully, you think that food tastes better from the barbecue grill during summer months, because using your oven or even a stove-top will further heat your home. If you absolutely must use the stove, be certain to turn the fan on, particularly if it vents to the home’s exterior.

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Make smart use of your air conditioner so it can be more efficient. Installing a programmable thermostat will greatly enhance this process and help you avoid fiddling with temperatures each morning and evening. Preset your summertime temps to 75 degrees plus perhaps one or two degrees during hours when you’re home, increasing it to 80 degrees plus one or two degrees when you’re away. 

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Finally, be sure to change your AC filters every four to six weeks, particularly during the months of heaviest use. Be sure that you know your filter size, and try to have a few on hand.

Martel Windows and Doors L.L.C. is an Austin, Texas-based family-owned business located at 10300 Metric Boulevard near The Domain in Austin, Texas. Martel sells, installs, and services high-quality and energy efficient clad wood and vinyl window and door products. The company, which Sean Miller started in 2010, was cited by the June/July 2015 issue of Door & Window Market Magazine as one of the three fastest growing door and window companies in the nation. 

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