Martel Windows and Doors Offers Centor’s Tested, Reliable Screened Windows

The professionals at Martel Windows and Doors are very enthusiastic about carrying Centor sliding windows and door systems. They specifically brag about the manufacturer’s screened windows that are tough enough to withstand real-life use, each of which is backed by a five-year warranty. Each screen has passed numerous tests, including exposure to dust, mud, sand and salt spray.


Homeowners are very impressed that Centor has solved the problem of screening large openings with its horizontal retractable insect screen system. Openings as wide as 7.6 meters can now be effectively and unobtrusively screened. Clients can easily operate this robust system with just the touch of a fingertip – even while carrying a tray full of drinks or food.

The screen can be opened and shut from any height on the stile, so even small children can operate it. With no crude spring loading to fight against, the screen remains firmly in any chosen position across the opening. This is thanks to Centor’s patent pending Load Balancing Technology™.


The screens were designed specifically for use with folding doors, and they preserve the vistas created by a folding opening. This versatile range of screens provide a discreen and functional option for folding doros and windows, kitchen serving area, as well as sliding and French doors.

Centor has won many awards as a designer and manufacturer of innovative folding, locking, screen and blind systems for windows and doors. Founded in 1951 in Australia, Centor has branches across Australia as well as regional headquarters in Chicago (Illinois), Birmingham (England), Florida, Nantes (France) and China.


For more information about Centor’s screened windows, be sure to visit the Martel showroom which, located at 10300 Metric Boulevard near The Domain in Austin, Texas, to learn more about how Centor’s vanishing screens and shades can improve the look and feel of your home. Martel Windows and Doors is a certified dealer for Centor Integrated Doors that offers the company’s doors and folding, locking, screen and blind systems to homeowners who live in the central and south Texas markets.

Martel Windows and Doors L.L.C. is a family-owned business that sells, installs, and services high-quality and energy efficient clad wood and vinyl window and door products. The company, which Sean Miller foundeded in 2010, was cited by the June/July 2015 issue of Door & Window Market Magazine as one of the three fastest growing door and window companies in the nation.

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