Martel Offers Sliding Patio Doors With Solar Shades To Brighten Surroundings And Enhance Convenience

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The hot days and warm evenings of summertime provide a welcome opportunity to install solar shades with new sliding patio door windows. Because the weather is more conducive to spending more time outdoors, Martel Windows and Doors invites you to consider this design approach that will brighten your surroundings and add convenience for guests.

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Solar shades will make summer’s bright, sunny days and sultry evenings perfect for hanging out in the backyard, kicking back in the swimming pool, cooking out with friends, and quietly reading your favorite novel.

Solar shades (or solar screens) are an outstanding window treatment for summer because they block the light but retain the view of the outdoors. You can enjoy the greenery, or keep tabs on your kids as they swim in the pool or play ball in the backyard. Solar shades also limit the summer heat within your home’s interior and protect you from Ultra Violet rays to keep your furniture and related décor from fading.

Sliding patio doors add an attractive and convenient contemporary design that incorporates the sophistication of smooth operation and dependable performance. Unlike a traditional open/close door, sliding patio doors provide a convenient, safe way to access the backyard regardless of how many times you carry food and drink to the outdoors, or the number of people who are gathering to socialize.

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Sliding patio doors from Martel Windows and Doors are much lighter and reliable than their predecessors of previous years, and offer a more modern and slimmer look and feel. They also feature weather stripping and heavy-duty glass that will eliminate drafts and improve security.

Martel Windows and Doors L.L.C. is an Austin, Texas-based family-owned business located at 10300 Metric Boulevard near The Domain in Austin, Texas. Martel sells, installs, and services high-quality and energy efficient clad wood and vinyl window and door products. The company, which Sean Miller started in 2010, was cited by the June/July 2015 issue of Door & Window Market Magazine as one of the three fastest growing door and window companies in the nation. 

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