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As we all know, we are fortunate to live in a part of the country with amazing weather, that’s why we live here in Central Texas right? When the rest of the country is frozen inside we are out enjoying all that nature has to offer throughout the year. So it is only natural to want to spend as much time enjoying the beautiful outdoors right outside your home. Whether it is a great patio, an outdoor kitchen, or a large outside living room.

At Martel Windows & Doors we have some great options to maximize your outdoor space and extend your indoor one as well. By incorporating one of our many door system options you can make these spaces feel as though they are one. This “indoor-outdoor living” has up until now seemed to only be available in the most expensive of houses and has leaned toward the contemporary. However with our extensive portfolio of manufacturers we are sure to find an option that fits any budget, style of home, or space to make this a reality for you.

There are many ways to do this here in Central Texas! Let us show you how:

Lift & Slide Doors from Panda Windows & Doors have a track that is recessed in to your flooring allowing for a seamless transition from your game room or living area onto a patio or pool deck. Additionally, lift & slide doors allow you to open up huge expanses as the panels stack or pocket to the sides. Creating a perfect flow for an indoor-outdoor event when friends are over for the next big game or summer ”beat-the-heat” pool party.

If a recessed track is not a requirement than a multi-sliding door option from Fleetwood might be right for you. Like the lift & slide doors the multi-slide allows you to open up large expanses. These systems can also either stack on fixed panels to one side or both or pocket in to your walls. The multi-slide doors tend to be a more cost-efficient option when compared to the lift & slide doors. Additionally, since the track is not recessed into the floor they can be used in a variety of applications where a lift & slide would require more construction cost to incorporate.

For those looking to fully maximize an opening space where a pocketing multi-slide or lift & slide are not an option a folding door from Milgard is a great choice. A folding door is designed to fold up accordion style on itself and against the side walls to expand the interior living space to the outside. Additionally folding doors offer great weather performance for spaces with little or no cover to protect your door from the elements.

So no matter what the space is that you have, one of these many options just might be perfect for you! Give us a call for a free consultation to review some fabulous indoor-outdoor transition design ideas today.


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