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Appearances say more than we realize about us and first impressions are only had once. Even our color choices contribute to the impression that others have of us, albeit, probably less apparent than some other things, it is something we want to be aware of.

That thought process is even important to consider when it comes down to our homes. Now, granted it is a little more costly to make aesthetic changes to your home’s exterior, but even one item can make all the difference in the world. The first exterior item you might want to modify for a significant impact to your home’s appearance is your front door.

Good news! Doors can be expensive, but they are meant to last for years to come and you can always paint an existing one or know that a new door may be continually updated by simple paint changes as the styles change.

Of all your door color options, here is a quick summary of the impression your front door color choice may make on your visitors.

Blue is a calming, tranquil color that suggests a peaceful interior. The darker the blue, the more it suggests even a touch of solitude.

Red is a bold color that is warm and welcoming. Brighter reds are more sporting in nature, while darker, richer hues create a sense of drama (in a good way). Either way, red tells the world you are ready for family and fun.

Green suggests a connection with the environment and nature surrounding us. It also suggests health and harmony, both in nature and within our community.

White is clean and crisp, suggesting a tidiness or orderliness within; even purity, while black is a classic, timeless color for all. Black makes a strong statement about power and steadfastness.

Whatever choice you make, a new look is only a paint brush swipe away. Stop by and see what a wide variety of exterior paint options we carry. We are ready to help!

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