Large Sliding Doors

In terms of longevity where the wooden door is likened to the Rolling Stones, the large, glass patio door is definitely the New Kids on the Block. Okay, that analogy is a little dated, though the NKOTB are on a reunion tour, but you get the point.

Large, glass patio doors haven’t been on the scene very long. Modern manufacturing techniques have made affordable a luxury once reserved for the wealthy.

Whether, sliding, telescoping, hinged or folding, these doors are available in a wide variety of styles and options to fit the aesthetic value of any home.

Here, we will discuss one of these options.

Sliding Glass Doors

The most common option available is the sliding glass door. Made from two, framed glass panels that slide past each other, this door is available in nearly every style from traditional to contemporary. Most commonly, these doors are used for a contemporary fit, as the staggered planes aren’t quite traditional enough to be traditional.

Standard door openings are 5 to 6 feet wide, but are available in 8 to 10 foot openings as well.

An important feature to consider is material. The frame size can vary depending on the material used. Aluminum will be thin while vinyl can be quite thick.

The sliding glass door is easier to engineer, build and install than a comparable French door, making it considerably more affordable at its typical starting price of $500.


Innovative designs have given the sliding glass door some interesting variations.

The French slider is one that incorporates the qualities of the sliding glass door with the look of a French door.

The French slider has four panels. Two outer panels, fixed in place. Two inner panels, sliding on the same plane. When closed, they give the appearance of a traditional, hinged French door.

French sliders are available in much wider openings than sliding glass doors. At 10, 12 and 16 feet, these doors allow for large, open spaces and airways. Essentially, a wall of glass.

The telescoping patio door is another variation of the sliding glass door. This door has three or more panels that slide past each other. These doors provide wide openings and serve to eliminate the barrier between indoor and outdoor living.

Telescoping doors work well with a contemporary look. The large glass panels and staggered sliding system lend to a modern look.

Not having a fixed panel is an interesting advantage of the telescoping door. These doors can open at both ends and telescope in either direction.

Depending on size, materials and the option you decide upon, the cost of these sliding door variations can range from a few thousand to several thousand. While this is quite a bit more than a typical sliding glass door, having a moveable wall of glass might be worth it!

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