How to Make your Outdoor Living Space Comfortable

Your central Texas home should be a rejuvenating retreat where you can recover from exhausting, long hours at the office. But, if you come home to an overheated house, you may find yourself spending even longer hours basking in the unfortunate coolness of the office cubicle.

While air conditioning is a necessity here in the Lone Star state, it can also get expensive over the course of a summer. Especially if you choose not to run it while you’re away from home. Your air conditioning unit works extra hard to cool your living space in the evening. By the time it catches up to the heat of the day, you’re just about ready to head back to the office.

If you want to save money and energy this summer, here are a few upgrades you can employ to help you battle the summer heat.

Dark colors attract and consume heat is a simple fact we have all been made aware of at some point. Alternatively, light colors repel heat. Here’s a simple suggestion for that change of season re-decoration. At the end of the winter season, be sure to swap out dark sheets, blankets and other accessories for lighter colored items. Using light colors on furniture, flooring, and accessories throughout your home will keep the air lighter.


While fans won’t generate cool air on their own, they will circulate air cooled by your air conditioner. Whether ceiling, box, static or oscillating, fans can work together with your air conditioning unit to contribute to cooler living spaces. Fortunately, ceiling fans are relatively easy to install and many homes are prewired for them.


Windows are often used in winter months, to let in a cold, refreshing breeze. However, they also serve as insulators in both cold and warm seasons. Double-pane windows are the premier choice when choosing an insulator. Double-pane windows serve as a buffer, keeping cold air out and warm air in during winter months. Alternatively keeping unbearable hot air out and cool air in during summer months.

Single-pane windows are much thinner. During winter months, your heater will work harder to compensate for the draft. During summer months, single-pane windows allow warm air to infiltrate your home, causing your air conditioner and fans to work overtime to keep you cool. This inefficiency will not only impact your bank account with the rise of energy consumption, it will make for a very uncomfortable living space.

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