Finding the Right Door for Your Home

Sparing the cheesy classic rock/pop band analogies, let’s get back to our quest to find the perfect patio door. Last time we talked about sliding glass doors and the many innovative variations available depending on aesthetics, space, budget and needs.

Here, we will discuss more of these patio door options.

French Doors

The classic French door is often seen as an elegant architectural element. These hinged doors have two swing options: In-swing and out-swing.

The in-swinging door will require dedicated floor space to accommodate its swing. Furniture placement and functionality of the room are impacted by in-swinging French doors.

Due to the hardware required for the operation of the door, the opening can typically be no wider than 6 feet.

Out-swinging doors won’t impact furniture placement, but they will need hardware in place to prevent them from slamming shut on windy days. Strong wind gusts can damage door frames and hardware.

French doors can be on the expensive side. Whether you need in-swinging or out-swinging, budgeting several thousand dollars should cover your needs.

Folding Glass Doors

The folding glass door has an advantage over sliding doors in that it does not require pocketed wall space for the panels to slide into.

Folding glass doors panels can be hinged individually as well, allowing the homeowner to enter and exit the living space through a single panel, much like a traditional door space, without having to open the entire door.

Folding glass doors are considerably more expensive than other door systems. Budgeting $1,000-$1,500 per linear foot would be a good idea. For example, a 30 foot wide opening would likely cost $30,000-$45,000.

Pivot Doors

Though it may be hard to believe, the pivot door gets its name from its ability to pivot on a single pivot point at the top and bottom of the pane. This door can swing in, out or in and out. This system is engineered to allow a single pane to function in a large opening.

The pivot door can be the most expensive of patio doors. Considering the additional value this investment adds to the overall value of your home should make the decision easier to accept.

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