Double Hung Windows for your Home

Windows, much like people, are available in a plethora of different shapes and styles. Tall, wide, short, slim, round, square, triangular and even trapezoidal. Okay, people may not come in trapezoids, but windows do! While trapezoids, triangles and circles are fun and have the ability to add certain flair to your space, the traditional window that has held the hearts of homeowners over the span of time is the double hung style.

Double hung windows have evolved over the years into the high tech windows we know and love today. Homeowners no longer have to worry about sanding and refinishing wood components. Gone are the days of cumbersome weights and rope balances to help the sashes move. Gone are the days of stuck and crooked sashes that refuse to move due to warping. The benefits of double hung windows today are many.

Modern double hung windows are precision manufactured on top-of-the-line, multi-million dollar equipment. They are custom built to suit each specific situation. These modern windows use a constant force balance system that allows the sashes to operate with only 22 pounds of pressure, while older windows use spiral balancers which require 50 or more pounds of pressure to operate.

Modern double hung windows come with two security locks. Standard vent limiting latches allow multiple venting stages with the security of knowing they are locked in position.

Modern double hung windows are tilt wash. The sashes tilt easily for cleaning, making cleaning an easy chore for interior and exterior sashes. The benefit of easy to clean windows, is a clear view of the outside and warm sunshine on the inside.

Deluxe polypropylene poly-fin weather stripping makes modern double hung windows weather tight. Frames are welded and fused together to form a solid barrier between the interior of your home and Mother Nature.

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