Corpus Christi Windows

Selecting original or replacement windows for the typical Corpus Christi home involves a lot of considerations. Size, shape, maintenance needs, and qualities like sound and temperature insulation come into play. Often, there are trade-offs when making the final choice. Aside from glass pane configurations, the type of frame material used has a big effect on how windows perform. The most common materials used for windows are vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. As this summary shows, each comes with benefits and drawbacks. It’s just a matter of weighing the pluses and minuses to reach the ideal conclusion.

Vinyl Windows Corpus Christi

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, stands out as the most popular material currently in use for Corpus Christi windows. The biggest factor behind the top position for vinyl windows is low cost. While they’re less expensive than anything else available, they offer other benefits. The PVC plastic receives its color during the manufacturing process, so there’s no need for painting. This material is also weather-resistant and the only maintenance needed is the occasional cleaning to keep them looking their best. These windows are constructed with an insulative core, so they provide both thermal and sound protection that’s comparable to wooden frames. Finally, they’re considered the easiest Corpus Christi replacement windows for existing buildings. While PVC windows are cheap to produce in standard sizes, customized versions tend to cost more. Another drawback is discoloring if they’re exposed to excess heat that’s an occasional possibility with Corpus Christi, TX summers.

corpus christi tx vinyl windows

Wood Windows Corpus Christi

Before vinyl, first used in Germany just after WWII, caught on in the 80s, wood was the top choice. They offer plenty of thermal and sound insulation. For example, they’re 1,800 times more insulative than aluminum. Even better is their appearance. Wood windows do require painting for protection, but they hold a paint job better than anything else. There’s also the option of staining and sealing, and that’s not an option with metals or plastics. For older homes with lots of woodwork, wood-framed San Antonio replacement windows provide the right complement. Wooden windows do demand routine maintenance and repainting, but when it’s performed, they experience little dimensional change compared to vinyl or aluminum. If they’re not maintained, they’re vulnerable to weathering, splitting, and rotting.

Aluminum Windows Corpus Christi

One of the most attractive features of aluminum is its strength compared to its weight. Aluminum windows have three times the sturdiness of vinyl and 40 times that of wood. With this durability, aluminum frames can be constructed to minimal dimensions and leave more space available for the glass itself. There’s no risk of rot, decay, or weathering with aluminum. They also won’t rust. While they do experience a bit of thermal expansions, it’s much less than with vinyl. They can also come in a wide assortment of baked-on enamel colors. If necessary, they can handle additional painting. One other plus about aluminum is its flexibility. Whether as Corpus Christi replacement windows or as originals, they can be molded for any unusual shapes called for. The main negative with aluminum is thermal conduction. They easily carry heat and cold into the house. With cold temperatures, this can cause damaging condensation. Corpus Christi, Texas doesn’t have too many problems with this, but there’s still the drawback of letting summer heat put a strain on the air conditioner.

Fiberglass Windows Corpus Christi

While they cost more than vinyl windows, fiberglass windows offer several advantages over them. Since they’re assembled in a similar fashion to PVC windows, these Corpus Christi windows also feature an insulating foam core. Like aluminum and vinyl, fiberglass won’t rot or become weather-beaten. Unlike both aluminum and vinyl, it experiences very little size alteration with temperature changes. In fact, there’s much less warping or twisting with these windows even compared to wood. Because fiberglass is cast into a single frame, there’s no chance of separation at the joints. Fiberglass stands out from vinyl in being easily painted. It is far tougher than vinyl, too. The casting process used with fiberglass is labor-intensive, so a big price tag can be expected when going with fiberglass. If the order calls for customized windows, fiberglass windows take longer to produce.