Awareness of Window and Door Trends Enables Martel to Fulfill Customers’ Needs

The professionals at Martel Windows and Doors always maintain a keen awareness of window and door trends to fulfill their homeowners’ frequently-changing needs. Located at 10300 Metric Boulevard near The Domain in Austin, Texas, Martel strives to maintain and build relationships with suppliers who can provide designs and raw materials that keep pace with these trends.large window designFor example, contemporary homeowners are looking for ways to merge open interiors with exteriors that are spacious. As a result, there is a growing demand for larger windows and doors. Specifically, large casement windows and direct-glaze models, as well as large sliding windows are being chosen by homeowners who seek wide open views.

Martel meets the needs of an increased homeowner demand for contemporary design elements like pearlescent exterior finishes in colors such as copper and silver, satin nickel hardware, dark interior stains, and ebony exteriors.

A contemporary style can also be achieved by installing windows with what is called square sticking, which includes a clean merging of window glass and wood to create a simplistic – rather than cluttered — detailing appearance.

Earthwise-casement-picture-windowsAnother trend is the desire to avoid covering windows. Instead, homeowners’ favor treatments that match and work well in combination with the window. The result is a sleek but simple approach that enables the window to remain the focal point.

For instance, some homeowners seek integrated interior shades for a seamless presentation with their windows and doors. This prevents these elements from infringing on living spaces or interfering with hardware.

Martel Doors and Windows L.L.C. is an Austin, Texas-based family-owned business that sells, installs, and services high-quality and energy efficient clad wood, vinyl window and door products. The company, started in 2010 by Sean Miller, was cited by the June/July 2015 issue of Door & Window Market Magazine as one of the three fastest growing door and window companies in the nation.


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